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Expertos en piscina pública

Quienes somos

Patrik Sanden / Armando Prallong

Director / Technical Director

Patrik Sanden began his professional career in the pool sector in 1983 in a family business dedicated to the construction of swimming pools and installation of equipment. The experience of these early years, along with its later trajectory focused mainly on the import and distribution of equipment, its commitment to innovation and quality and, above all, its specialization in sustainable systems for water treatment, give a comprehensive knowledge of the world of swimming pools.

Patrik is a member of ASOFAP (National Association of Manufacturers and Distributors of Equipment and Chemicals, Maintenance and Pool Builders) and Member of the Directors of the European Pool Association EUSA. He has been speaker in numerous occasions in different Congresses and Seminars related to the sector of the pool and the treatment of the water and many of the products that selects and imports for Spain have been awarded in different Fairs of the Sector, like the Hall of the Pool and Smagua.

Armando Prallong, an expert in public swimming pool since the nineties, has completed over thirty major projects in public swimming pool, both for sports use and large hydrotherapy facilities in spas and hotels, as well as innumerable swimming pools for residential use. His professional career also includes the development of other aquatic projects of special characteristics, such as large aquariums and large ornamental fountains

This long experience, as well as his extensive knowledge of hydraulic processes of all types, enable him to provide complete professional advice in hydraulic engineering and aspects such as assembly, maintenance and management of swimming pool systems, as well as water treatment and hydrotherapy. His additional training as a Quality Auditor and Safety Coordinator and PRL contributes to give a global approach in the development of facilities. Armando is currently President of the Sectoral Commission for Public Swimming Pool.


Our team

The main asset of PS-Water

PS Water Systems would not be possible without the support of a great team of professionals, highly motivated and with many years of experience in this specific field.

Each and every one of them, work very hard and make their best efforts everyday, in order to guarantee the best service and solutions available for our clients.

This multidisciplinary and nationwide team advises professionals on the choice of products, the dimensioning of facilities, the design of plans, the calculations of hydraulic engineering ,the development of projects and much more. Conducting studies on water quality in facilities, incident resolution, technical support, customer service and commercial and marketing support are some of the tasks they also fulfill.

The PS-Pool / PS-Water team has a clear service vocation and its goal is to continuously improve and provide the swimming pool field with professionalism and  innovation. In order to contribute to this, they always strive for excellence in their daily tasks, striving to always provide a fast and efficient service to their clients.

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